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"Partner Badge" acts as mark of trust and a quality indicator powered by Skroutz.

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How It Looks


Available Themes


Available Themes

How It Works

The "Skroutz Partner Badge" is displayed on your website, providing shop-related Skroutz content upon click.

  • Acts as a mark of trust provided by Skroutz, further increasing the shop's credibility.
  • Users will have direct access to shop-related Skroutz content, such as rating, strong points, and user reviews.

Partner Badge comes in two flavors:


"Partner Badge" is placed on a fixed position on the screen.


"Partner Badge" is placed on a static position of your choice and has the following dimensions: width: 150px, height: 65px


"Partner Badge" requires to have Analytics integrated into your store properly.

Additionally, embedded "Partner Badge" requires the presence of the following HTML element on your e-shop's pages:

<div id="sa-badge-embedded-plugin"></div>

Technical Requirements

Badge Display Type Analytics Integration Extra HTML element required
Embedded <div id="sa-badge-embedded-plugin"></div>

When Badge is displayed

"Skroutz Partner Badge" is displayed, automatically, on every Analytics tracker object initialization.


"Skroutz Partner Badge" service's configuration is only available through Merchants control panel.


In order to configure "Partner Badge" service you need to have access to Merchants control panel.

Please contact the shop owner in order to change the configuration.

Available Settings
Name Default Available Options Description
display Floating Floating, Embedded Badge type of display
Display: Floating
Name Default Available Options Description
position Bottom Right Bottom Left, Bottom Right Badge position on screen
theme Black Black, Orange, White Badge Theme
Display: Embedded
Name Default Available Options Description
theme Black Black, White Badge Theme