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The available configuration options of the Analytics tracking code.

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The connect command initializes the tracker object for your Account. This is a required call, in order to set up correctly the tracking code. Usually it is the first call you will do.

Data Parameters
Name Type Required Description
shop_account_id String Yes The unique Shop Account ID that you received from us. (e.g. SA-XXXX-YYYY)
skroutz_analytics('session', 'connect', 'SA-0001-0001');

Renaming the skroutz_analytics object

It is possible that you'd like to add the Analytics tracking code to your page, but the skroutz_analytics variable is already being used for something else. To deal with this, analytics.js provides a mechanism for renaming the global skroutz_analytics object.

The Analytics tracking snippet allows you to rename the global skroutz_analytics object by changing the final parameter passed to the minified function. You'll also need to update all invocations of the command queue from skroutz_analytics() to whatever name you choose.

(function(a,b,c,d,e,f,g){a['SkroutzAnalyticsObject']=e;a[e]= a[e] || function(){
  (a[e].q = a[e].q || []).push(arguments);};f=b.createElement(c);f.async=true;

custom_analytics_name('session', 'connect', 'SA-0001-0001');

Make sure to use the same method name to Ecommerce commands too.