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Will adding this script affect the performance of my website?
No, we've put a lot of effort, and used some of the most cutting edge techniques to make sure that our script runs sandboxed without affecting the experience of your users.
What kind of info is emitted from this script?
We take user privacy seriously. The data retained by our service remains anonymous, and are neither exposed or sold to 3rd parties. The script reports actions that you explicitly define with commands in your website.
Where can I view the source of this script?
The script is open sourced on GitHub. Feel free to create issues there, or even contribute.
What about browser support?
The script is tested to work on all modern browsers: Internet Explorer > 6, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.
How can I confirm that the script is sending data properly?
In order to check if the script is reporting properly we offer a developer page with info about the reported data, which is accessible only during the testing phase of integration.
You should request the link from the shop owner.
If you need more help, don't hesitate to contact us.