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This is a very cool component that you can use to create an awesome application or even make a fine cup of delicious espresso.


Always use filtered water to make espresso. Using water with high mineral content can result in off-tasting espresso and mineral buildup.

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Espresso beans for the Skroutz can be found in many places. Here is a list of available places with a short description:

Place 1
This is a cool place.
Place 2
This is a cool place too.
Place 3
Ok, you got the point.

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The following code snippet shows how you can grind the espresso beans:

# Create a new instance of CoffeeGrinder
espresso_grinder = new CoffeeGrinder()

# Set the coffee type and grind level
grinder.coffee_type = 'espresso'
grinder.level = 'finest'

# Grind it

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Another cool feature is described here.

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Here is an extended code block:

<!-- Add the Tracking Script and Connect to your Account -->
  (function(a,b,c,d,e,f,g){a['SkroutzAnalyticsObject']=e;a[e]= a[e] || function(){
    (a[e].q = a[e].q || []).push(arguments);};f=b.createElement(c);f.async=true;

  skroutz_analytics('session', 'connect', 'SA-XXXX-YYYY');  // Connect your Account.

A really nice table:

Name Type Value Required Description
attr1 String val1 default, val2, val3 Yes Attribute description
attr2 Number 10, 20 default Yes Attribute description
attr3 Array [10, 20] No Attribute description