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2018-02-01 - v3.2.1

Enable filtering by shop_id, distance and availability in SKU listing.
Enable filtering by size, distance, availability and zero_installments in SKU products.
Expose attributes web_url & reviewable in Books.
Expose attribute is_staff in User.
Expose attributes description & sizes in Sku.

This is a truncated version. The full version can be found in Sku specifications meta.

2018-02-01 - v3.2.0

New Book resource. Explore all the endpoints in the Books section.
Add endpoint to find shop locations based on geolocation in Shop.
New endpoints to create / update / delete SKU reviews. SKU reviews
New endpoints to create / update / delete User addresses. User addresses
Expose attribute blp in Product.

This attribute contains the shipping, payment_method and total cost of the product according to the Personalization info.

Expose attributes reviewable, adult, onclick_behavior, show_spec_summary, unit_price_label in Category.
Expose attributes reviewable, name_source, unit_price in Sku.
Do not return price history data for too new SKUs in Sku Price History.
Do not return OEM Manufacturers for categories with tiles layout in Category Manufacturers.
Expose attributes created_at, email, birthyear, mobile, stats, email_notifications in User.
Add endpoint to update User profile information in User.
Add endpoint to list User saved orders in User.
Expose attribute full_description in SKU Specifications meta if present.
Return a dynamic list of order_by methods in Category SKUS.
Show adult content in Category and Search.
List favorites and List favorites belonging to list do not return owned favorites.

To fetch them, use ?owned=true

2017-02-17 - v3.1.3

Expose optional attribute skus_reviews_aggregation in Sku reviews.

This is an aggregation of the good / bad / so-so key points selected for that SKU.

Expose attribute sentiments in Sku reviews.

Hash with the positive / mediocre / negative key points selected for that SKU.

Allow sorting SKU reviews by most_helpful Sku reviews.

The default sorting method remains most_recent.

Expose own_review field for logged on users in Sku reviews.

own_review can be fetched without the need to paginate all reviews in order to find it.

2016-11-24 - v3.1.2

Expose attribute family_id in Category.

Contains the family id of the category (do not confuse with parent id).

2016-11-18 - v3.1.1

Introducing sparse fieldsets

You can read more about it in our Sparse fieldsets section.

New endpoint, GET /api/categories/{category_id}/specifications/
List category specifications. Read more
Expose attribute comparable in SKU.

Boolean attribute. True when the SKU can be used in a comparison.

Expose attribute shipping_cost_enabled in Shop.

Boolean attribute. True when Shop has added shipping rules.

2016-10-5 - v3.1.0

Introducing API minor version support

You can read more about it in our Versioning section.

  • Error responses are normalized into a common format. Read more about it in the Error Handling section.
Expose attribute favorited in Category Skus.

This attribute signifies whether the user has favorited the SKU (available for user authenticated requests).

Expose attribute immediate_pickup in Product.

Boolean value that's set to true when product has immediate availability.

2016-10-4 - v3.0.23

  • Shop review_score is now rounded to 1 decimal point in Shop.
Expose attribute i in Search Autocomplete.

This attribute is an index that can be used as the starting point from where the keyphrase should be highlighted.

Expose attribute order in Sku specification.

Clients can use this field to ensure the specifications are in the correct order.
Additionally the specifications are now returned in the correct order to begin with.

Expose attribute sizes in Products.

A mapping to other sizes is also provided.

Remove attribute name in User.

The name attribute was not used and it was always returning 'null'.

Expose attribute type in User.

A user can register through skroutz or by choosing a 3rd provider like Facebook or Google.
The type attribute contains this info.

Expose optional attribute sku_rating_breakdown in Sku reviews.

This is a summary of sku reviews. Contains the total amount of votes for each star.

Expose attribute extra_info in Shop.

The attribute is a hash containing 2 fields: time_on_platform & orders_per_week.

Shop review changes

   Due to shop reviews changing from a 5 star rating system to a binary system (positive / negative)
   and moving to a more structured approach, the following changes are made:

Expose attribute negative in Shop review.
Expose attribute reasons in Shop review.

An array list of reasons the user selected. The negative field above tells if the reasons are negative or positive.

Expose optional attribute shop_rating_breakdown in Shop review.

This is a summary of shop reviews. Contains the total amount of votes for each impression (positive / negative).

Expose attribute to_positive_reasons in Shop.

An array list of positive reasons for the shop aggregated by all reviews.

2016-04-19 - v3.0.22

Expose attribute helpful in SKU Review.

This attribute signifies whether the user has voted the review as helpful or not (available for user authenticated requests).

2016-02-02 - v3.0.21

Expose new attribute flagged in SKU.
Signifies whether the user has flagged the review (available for user authenticated requests).

2016-01-22 - v3.0.20

Add latest_reviews_count info to Shop.
This attribute denotes the number of reviews taken into account for review score calculation.

2016-01-21 - v3.0.19

Expose attribute votes_count SKU Review.

This attribute signifies the total number of users who have voted for this review.

2015-10-31 - v3.0.18

Expose new attribute layout_mode in Category.
The layout_mode attribute is now present in the representation of categories. This attribute indicates how a category is going to be displayed.
  • list value is used for categories where the title and specs are more important than the image.
  • tiles value is used for categories where the title, specs and image are equally important.
  • wide_tiles value is used for categories where the image is more important than the title and specs.

This new attribute is a replacement for fashion and show_in_tiles attributes which were semantically misleading.

2015-08-05 - v3.0.17

New endpoint, POST /api/skus/{sku_id}/reviews/{review_id}/votes{?vote}
SKU review votes can now be placed (requires publish_sku_review_actions permission). Read more
Expose attribute helpful_votes_count SKU Review.

This attribute signifies the number of users who have voted the review as helpful.

Expose attribute voted in SKU Review.
The attribute is present only for requests with authorized user. Provides information on whether the user has voted the review or not.
New OAuth2.0 permission added publish_sku_review_actions.
Required to perform review actions (currently: voting).

2015-07-13 - v3.0.16

Expose attribute format in Location.
The location format attribute is now present in the representation of locations. This attribute states whether the locations' address is structured or unstructured. If the format is structured then the specific address fields can be retrieved when embedding the address. If the format is unstructured then the relevant address fields will be null.

2015-05-06 - v3.0.15

New endpoint, GET /skus/{id}/price_history
Provides historical data about the average and lowest price for a Sku.
Read more

2014-04-23 - v3.0.14

Expose attribute expenses in Product.
The product expenses attribute is now present in the representation of products.
This attribute states the exact shipping cost for a specific product if set by the shop (otherwise null).

2014-03-27 - v3.0.13

Add shipping info to Shop.

2014-03-19 - v3.0.12

Add review_rating to sku_review Notifications.
When the etype of a Notification is sku_review the review_rating attribute will be present.

2014-03-16 - v3.0.11

New endpoint, POST /notifications/view{?ids[]}
Marking notifications as viewed can now be performed. Read more.

2014-03-16 - v3.0.10

Include associations of Notification
The included associations are the following:

When the Notification type is:

  • price_up
  • price_drop
  • sku_review
  • availability_true
  • availability_false

Then a Sku is embedded in the Notification having only the following fields:

+ id
+ display_name
+ images
+ click_url
+ virtual
+ future

When the Notification type is:

  • price_up
  • price_drop

Then we add a category_name attribute mirroring the name attribute of the Category to which the associated Sku belongs.

When the Notification type is:

  • sku_review

Then the User who created the review is embedded in the Notification having only the following fields:

+ id
+ username
+ avatar

Also a review_text attribute is added for non-aggregated (aggregated: false) sku_review notifications.

2014-02-11 - v3.0.9

Change the representation of Notification
The changes in fields are the following:


+ eventable_name
+ eventable_url
+ event_text


- user_notified
- user_id
- subscription_id
- mail_event

2014-01-28 - v3.0.8

Allow ordering by 'rating' of SKUs
The new ordering option enables ordering of SKUs based on User provided reviews.

2014-12-24 - v3.0.7

Expose attribute path in Category
The category path attribute is now present in the representation of categories.
The path is a comma separated string of category IDs, from the root up to the category id which resembles a category path in the categories tree structure.

2014-12-16 - v3.0.6

Remove attribute filter_type from Filter
Filter type information can now be accessed from the parent Filter Group.
Expose attribute filter_type in Filter Groups
The filter type attribute is now present in the representation of filter groups.

2014-12-08 - v3.0.5

Hide products of future SKUs, GET /api/sku/:sku_id/products
SKUs marked as "future" now respond with an empty list of Products.

2014-12-04 - v3.0.4

Add q metadata to Search, GET /api/search
The applied search query is reflected in the q key of the metadata.

2014-10-08 - v3.0.3

Cache Filter Groups, GET /api/categories/:category_id/filter_groups
Default cache now is 5 minutes via cache-control: max-age=300, private.

2014-10-08 - v3.0.2

Review sorting is changed in SKU reviews, GET /api/sku/:sku_id/reviews
Most recent non-demoted reviews are now returned first.

2014-09-15 - v3.0.1

New endpoint, GET /shops/:shop_id/products/search{?shop_uid}
Search is now provided for products of a specified shop by shop_uid, Read more.
New attribute for Product
Product representation now contains shop_uid attribute, which stands for the product identifier as the associated shop specifies it the xml feed.